Make money with your own trailer

How can I make money with my own trailer?

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Should you have one or more Off Road Camping Trailers or Caravans you wish to rent out, we can accommodate you in the following way:


  • Access to our Rental Platform – with the ability to:
    • Unlimited rental stock, features, options & extras
    • Load and maintain your own rental stock
    • Set your own pricing structure(s):
      • Daily, Hourly, Seasonal Rate i.e. Normal, High and Peak Seasons etc.
      • Discounts
      • Coupons
    • View and Manage your own Reservations
    • View and Manage your own Optional Extras
    • Ability to edit existing reservation (chosen trailers, time, location, extras etc.)
    • Confirmation email with invoice (You and the customer receives Reservation Notification emails)
    • Location business hours by weekday
    • Location lunch hours / “siesta”
    • Your own Location Page on our website
    • Assign to trailer any extra, manufacturer, body type, transmission type & fuel types
    • Set individual deposits for trailers and extras
    • Set individual or global discount percent based on reservation duration or reservation in advance
    • Add regular or seasonal prices by date-range for any trailer
    • Add daily, hourly or per reservation price for any extra
    • Coupon codes for deals, price plans and extras. We can assign discounts to specific to price plan or extra with coupon code as well.
    • Seasonal discounts. They can be global or based on exact price plan, which can have from-to dates, or/and coupon code
    • Trailer price groups. New we can simplify our work, by entering prices to desired price group, and just assigning to needed trailers, instead of entering prices individually for each trailer
    • Ability to assign extras to specific trailer, and show it in search results only if that specific trailer is between selected trailers
    • Ability to list trailers in front-end for specific class only, in addition to ability of listing all cars
    • Price table and availability calendar for individual trailer or extra
    • Mark reservations as paid, completed early, refunded or cancelled. “[Mark completed early]” action allows to complete reservation earlier than planned trailer return date
    • Ability to delete & edit reservation & customers
    • Search for reservations by date & customer
    • Review active & archived reservation in list, calendar or by customer
    • Ability to print invoice from reservation list
    • After successful reservation customer & location owner will get an email notification with invoice included


  • Central Booking System
    • Enable customers to easily Check Availability
    • Get Instant Online Quotes
    • Instantly Book Online
    • Eliminates double and over bookings

What are the requirements?

  • Your trailer(s)/caravan(s) should be in a good overall condition
  • You must have the time to clean and prepare your rental trailers/caravan for your customers
  • You must be able to accommodate your customers at your given business hours for pickups and drop-offs
  • Be able to work with customers

How much does it cost?

  • Just a flat commission rate of 8 % of your total booking fee.

How and when will I get paid?

  • The rental customer pays us directly via an EFT into our bank account. That includes the rental fee plus the insurance deposit. We substract just our commission % from the booking and the rest gets paid to you on within 2 days once the rental is collected from you.
  • The amount paid to you incudes the insurance deposit, so you are ultimately responsible for refunding the customer for this amount provided your trailer and equipment is in good order.


Sounds great, how do I proceed?

  • Fill out the form below to get in touch with us – we’ll be with you every step of the way.


How do I open my own Rent A 4x4 Trailer Rental Branch?

The same benefits and requirements as a Rental Partner Apply, but with the addition of the following benefits:

Additional Benefits:

  • To be able to trade under the Rent A 4×4 Trailer Brand Name
  • Access to our Standard Operating Procedures and leveraging off our Proven Business Model and Know-How
  • Access to our Branding for your Trailers/Caravans
  • Preference will be given for Marketing campaigns and Promotions
  • Branch Location Listings will be higher up than a Partner Location listing on our Branch & Partner listings
  • Branch Location Detail Page has more detailed info than a Partner Listing
  • Google Business Location Listing
  • Location Advertising on Google Ads
  • Access to our website statistics via Google Analytics
  • Independently owned
  • Area Exclusivity – Only one branch per defined area
  • Preference given to a branch per area over a Partner for that area
  • Ability to run Special Events/Promotions on the Rent A 4×4 Trailer website as well as Google Business
  • Your own Rent A 4×4 Trailer email address i.e. or etc.


Additional Requirements:

  • Minimum two, or more Off Road Camping Trailer(s)/Caravan(s) in an good / above average condition
  • Good Business Acumen
  • To follow the same pre-set business operating hours and days
  • All trailers/caravans to be stocked with the minimum prescribed standard inventory
  • Approved Premises to conduct your Rental business


What does it cost?

We are offering an introductory price structure for the first 5 branches.

Feel free to get in touch with us to start your journey at the contact form below.



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